Temperature Monitoring

Unlike other cold chain technologies, Timestrip temperature monitoring labels remain inert prior to use and can be shipped and stored at ambient temperature

Time Monitoring

If you make and market products or services where replacement and maintenance schedules depend on the monitoring of elapsed time then Timestrip could help drive both sales and customer satisfaction – with minimum cost


Timestrip has products suitable for the Pharmaceutical, Food, Life Sciences and Healthcare industries. We are also able to manufacture bespoke products upon request depending on volumes required

Our Customers

We have customers from a broad range of industries, they include 3M, Parker Hannifin, ICP Medical, Princess Royal University Hospital, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics (South Africa), Oliver Kay & Whirlpool

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Our Mission

Timestrip labels remain completely inert prior to use and are shipped at ambient temperature- a clear cost and operational advantage over other cold chain technologies used in cold chain logistics and cold chain management.

With Timestrip, the monitoring process can only start once the activation pad has been compressed (by simple finger pressure), which triggers the migration of a safe dye along a patent protected membrane structure. Elapsed time and/or temperature breaches are displayed with clarity and accuracy and the process cannot be reversed or displays tampered with once activated.

Who Uses Timestrip?

Life Sciences
Food Industry