Timestrip is an agile technology business working in consultative partnerships with global brands, leading OEMs and product designers.

Timestrip Enabled™ products are driving changes in supply chain standard operating procedures and consumer behaviour, which in turn leads to greater brand loyalty, a better rate of sale and a built-in value added proposition to products carrying our mark of innovation.

Our customisation capabilities open up endless possibilities for product design integration to create solutions where our fail safe indicators replace the need for expensive and unstable electronic components.

We do this against a backdrop of proven success in key sectors with application specific solutions in life sciences, cold chain (food and healthcare) and filtration. One such example being our Temp10 temperature breach indicator label created for blood bags – now saving time, money and lives in blood banks across Europe and the USA.

As important, we have created a core product range which we hold in stock ready for immediate shipment. We have the capability to print batch numbers or serial numbers onto individual Timestrips, to make time and temperature monitoring an integral part of Standard Operating Procedures.

Innovation remains a core strand of our approach to solution development and the practical application of our patented, low-cost smart label indicators.

Our customers

To date we have manufactured and sold over 60 million products to customers worldwide, including 3M, Tesco, Whirlpool, Parker Hannifin, Siemens and Fabreze. In 2009 we were recipients of an NHS Innovations Award for our canula monitoring solution concept, designed to reduce secondary infection rates and improve patient care.