Timestrip Healthcare provides a range of Time & Cold Chain solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, offering invaluable visual aids to doctors, patients and healthcare workers. Timestrip® labels clearly indicate whether a product is within its date and/or temperature parameters and therefore acceptable to use. 

Integrity of the cold chain

Timestrip® labels are calibrated to the lifetime characteristics of the product (from a few hours to over 12 months at room temperature, refrigerated or frozen) and to the degree of temperature sensitivity of the product. This means they can be relied upon accurately to preserve the integrity of the cold chain and their potential for accuracy is increased thanks to their low cost, which makes them suitable for use at individual case or product level.

Validation at point of use

Timestrip’s Healthcare range offers an intuitive visual check for healthcare workers, complementing other important product data when administering pharmaceutical, vaccination or biological products. Where previously it may have been necessary to rely on hand-written notes of dates and times, Timestrip® is a constant monitor, enabling reliably informed decisions to be made about the acceptability of products for use.

Product Authenticity

Timestrip can also incorporate anti-counterfeiting measures into products, to guarantee product origin and authenticity.


Easy-to-read Timestrips® can prompt nurses or patients themselves when repeat doses or dressing or cannula changes are due. This is particularly useful in helping hospital staff to comply with infection control procedures.

Reduced Wastage

Items such as blood and blood products have a short shelf life once removed from refrigerated storage. Timestrip Plus™ prompts awareness of proper storage and, particularly in a busy theatre or hospital ward, avoids uncertainty which can lead to unnecessary wastage of a valuable product.

Invaluable visual aids for doctors, patients and healthcare workers, increasing compliance and avoiding unnecessary waste.