Patient Reminder System by PARI

When PARI Respiratory Equipment launched their newest aerosol delivery system, the VIOS TM , they came to Timestrip to design a value-add feature to remind patients to replace the nebuliser cup every six months and thereby enhance the patient experience with the product.

A custom, co-branded PARI Timestrip® is included with every nebuliser cup that ships.  The patient simply activates the Timestrip and adheres it on to the side of the compressor unit.  After six months the coloured liquid inside the Timestrip makes its way to the end window, where the word “NOW” appears next to the instructions REPLACE NEB CUP.

Studies1 have shown that patients and therapists have an inconsistent and inadequate approach to the cleaning, maintenance and replacement of nebulizer cups, raising the possibility of bacterial infection.  The timely replacement of the cup is therefore of great importance, and Timestrip has been welcomed by patients, doctors and therapists as a convenient, easy to use and effective Patient Reminder System.

Ashley Weigand, Marketing Manager, PARI :

“We are pleased with the response to the addition of the Timestrip component to the VIOSTM product. It is proving to be a value-added feature from a patient perspective which obviously makes it a commercially successful technology adoption by PARI. Timestrip has proven itself to be a truly innovative technology provider as well as a reliable partner in what has to date been a very successful relationship.”