Tesco Toothbrush with Timestrip time indicators

Tesco released their revolutionary new Pro-Tech model toothbrush incorporating Timestrip® technology that informs the user when to replace their brush.

Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months. Toothbrushes used after 3 months become worn and much less effective at removing plaque which can lead to dental health problems.

The Tesco Pro-tech model has a window that shows users when their brush is past its peak, as the word “replace” appears. This Timestrip® replacement reminder is more-effective than the method which bristles change colour, because bristles can be affected by certain water types and toothpastes.

Timestrip® developed the unique indicator to fit into the toothbrush handle and visually alert users that it is time to replace your brush.

The Timestrip® toothbrushes will:

  •  Increase repeat purchases
  •  Improve customer confidence in the product
  •  Encourage trade up into premium tier brushes
  •  Help to educate consumers as to the benefits of a good oral health regimen

The Timestrip® designed specifically for toothbrushes. Once activated, a red line will appear in the activation circle, followed by the word ‘on’. Once activated, the white strip will turn red and the word ‘replace’ will slowly be revealed. When 3 months is up, the word replace is fully visible and it is time to replace your brush.

The Tesco Range is complete with a bespoke designed brush with PP/PETG handle material, single injection elastomer and specific head profiles using DuPont filaments. The Tesco Timestrip® brushes come in a range of styles for your dental needs: The Timestrip® Massager, Deep Clean and Whitening. They are packed in branded PP tray in a coordinated colour.

Timestrip Toothbrush Indicator
for use in toothbrush handles
for room temperature use
3 month run-out window

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