Custom Solutions

Custom Made Products

Can I have a fully customised Timestrip?

Yes! If your requirements exceed 100,000 units per order we can work with to create a fully customised product. This range currently consists of three models: 3 month, 6 month and 12 month, which cover many common product replacement or service cycles. 

We can create simple backing cards or work with your product design teams to explore how these stock products can be engineered into replacement parts to become an integral part of the equipment.

What about the graphic design elements?
We have our own design facility so creating the surface graphics, working on design layouts and finalising artwork is all part of the service.

We’ll need your logo artwork in a vector file format like .ai or .eps, (not a .jpg or bitmap) and any brand guidelines or draft layouts you can provide. If you need to match production inks to brand colors we can send you a swatch book to specify the closest color match (we’ll ask for it back when you are finished).

You’ll be pleased to know we never go to full print and production without clients approving digital proofs first.

What is the process for getting a custom Timestrip?
If the Timestrip is not being integrated into the product itself, in other words, just being used as a ‘label’, then it is very straightforward.

We need to know:

  • Duration of the Timestrip (from 5 minutes to 1 year) and the temperature environment it will be calibrated for, such as room temperature or refrigerator.
  • Graphic concepts, layout and branding guides, etc.
  • Adhesive requirements (what will it be stuck to?)
  • If the Timestrip is being integrated into the product itself, the first step is for us to look at the actual product or CAD design. We are happy to supply a Non-Disclosure Agreement to maintain confidentiality.
What shapes are available?

This depends on the duration of the Timestrip, but our largest and most popular format is 19 x 40mm.

We also have 16 x 33mm, 16 x 30mm, 12mm x 33mm, 12mm x 30mm, and even a round 23mm version.

At 500,000+ units, we can tool-up to create completely new shapes for you, subject to technical limitations.

What is the lead time for a custom Timestrip?

10-12 weeks from receipt of order, down payment, and sign-off of graphics.

Printing Constraints
Timestrips are printed by using a masking effect over the timer. We’ll explain this in more detail, but it means that we have to use special colours. This means that we work better with darker colours and cannot achieve pure whites and yellows, for example.

A good guideline is to use colours with 10% black equivalent to them.

If your project is for 500,000 units or more, we are able to use a different type of print process, which enables more options on the lighter colours.

Can we receive custom made samples?
Due to the manufacturing processes involved it is not possible to supply custom made, fully functioning samples in small quantities. We provide digital proofs, showing ‘before’ and ‘after’ read-outs so you can see what an active Timestrip will look like and we can also send you a variety of existing products with existing artwork, if you need to show functionality and check dimensions.

If actual samples of your finished product is absolutely necessary, we would have to do a proper production run, which would have a long lead time and would have a significant cost to it.

Can you supply Private Label for us?

Yes, but please be aware that in addition to printing your logo and messaging, a small Timestrip® logo will also be placed on the product.

We proudly co-brand with some of the best and most recognised brands in the world.