Timestrip® Cold Chain Products for Food

Timestrip temperature monitoring labels make tracking temperature breaches across a multitude of cold chain food industry applications a simple, cost-effective process.

In fact, we offer the most cost-effective solution of our type in food standard and food safety monitoring, which is why our technology has already been adopted by a number of innovative businesses. Our precise, efficient, user-friendly temperature indicator labels are helping to ensure effective cold chain management around the world.

Cold Chain Products for Food

Low cost, highly accurate temperature indicators Use as part of your HAACP or FDA compliant Standard Operating Procedure
Fresh Seafood
Fresh Produce
Airline Catering
School Meals
Home Delivery Diets
Food Retailing
Hub & Spoke Production

Timestrip Food
Ascending Temperature Indicators

Timestrip Plus Food

Timestrip Seafood
Ascending Temperature Indicators


Timestrip Seafood Indicator

FDA Guidance: Reduced Oxygen Packaging – C. botulinum

Temperature maintained below 38°F (3.3°C) from packing to consumption
Time-Temperature Indicator on smallest unit of packaging
TTI validated fit for purpose
TTI verified that it is functional at the time of use
Color change alert of unsafe time and temperature exposure has occurred that may result in C.botulinum toxin formation
Irreversible color change alert
TTI receipt, storage, and application and activation should be identified as CCPs