Promotional Products

Is it time to refresh your promotional products?

If you are looking for a new way to drive customer loyalty or an alternative to the same old promotional gifts that end up in the bin, then now is the time to refresh your promotional thinking.

The patented range of Timestrip ‘smart label’ indicators accurately monitor elapsed time using a totally safe ‘dye-diffusion’ process. A tamper-proof display window on the label reveals elapsed time increments in a controlled and repeatable way – from minutes to months, once activated by finger pressure. With no moving parts and no power source required these are ecologically smart labels too.

Now, with the addition of promotional words or graphics which are revealed as the dye moves across the display window over a set time period, Timestrip® have created a revolutionary promotional mechanic that has numerous applications. Think of it as like having a moving billboard in a customer’s home, in their car or in their pocket. It’s a new, innovative way to increase brand loyalty and drive repeat business.

By integrating a Timestrip® into promotional carriers such as key chains, magnetic backing cards, visitor passes or field trial coupons, Timestrip Promotions can reveal prizes, lucky number winners and loyalty promotions. Timestrips® are active & interactive – they can encourage users to beat the clock, redeem their reward or just benefit from a regular customer discount.

A leading motor manufacturer in Europe is already using a Timestrip® embedded into a complimentary key chain to alert the owner that it’s time for an annual service. Securing service history loyalty beyond warranty periods can make
a big difference to main dealership revenues and this is a low-cost, innovative way of increasing sales.

Please note: all customised items and Timestrips® Promotions are subject to a minimum ordering requirement.

Plastic Keychains
to use with 19mm x40mm indicators

Timestrip Time Monitoring Plastic Keychains


Custom products can be designed for Magnets, Mazes, Greeting Cards, Vouchers, On Packaging Promotions, Stay to Win promotions and more!

Please note: all customised items and Timestrips® Promotions are subject to a minimum ordering requirement.