Timestrip Launches Unique Technologies In US Market

Timestrip Launches Unique Technologies In US Market

Smart Label Monitor Helps Control Perishables

Product currently used by Nestle, Hamilton Beach and Whirlpool in Europe
to be available to U.S. consumers

MIAMI, JUNE 20, 2007 — Timestrip plc, the world’s first time- and temperature-sensitive smart label company, announced today it is launching its unique smart label technology in the U.S. market.

The U.K.-based company designs, manufactures and distributes consumer-product labels that visually monitor elapsed time from minutes up to over a year on any product in which time is a factor for quality, safety or health. Timestrips® can be supplied as external labels or integrated into the packaging or the product itself.

Timestrip currently develops and markets two technologies: the Timestrip®, for monitoring elapsed time, and the iStrip® which identifies if an accidental freezing event takes place in the cold chain.  The company is creating customized applications for key industry categories that most benefit from its technology.  These include appliances and consumables, food and beverage, catering and food service, and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
“Timestrip’s® unique and patented technology is at the forefront of the growing worldwide demand for consumer level expiration and temperature monitoring indicators,” said Reuben Isbitsky, Joint CEO of Timestrip plc.  “We are delighted to respond to the growing interest shown by U.S. manufacturing and packaging companies to make the Timestrip® technology available to their customers, and to meet growing consumer demand for stronger monitoring and control of the products on their shelves or in their refrigerators, freezers or medicine cabinets.”
Inexpensive and versatile, Timestrip® smart labels accurately measure elapsed time. Each label contains an edible oil which, when activated, travels across it at a consistent rate, enabling consumers easily to see how long a product has been open or in use. The period after opening is the key factor in maintaining product integrity.  This is of great value for products with critical-use time frames, such as contact lens solutions, eye drops and baby food. With no preservatives to artificially prolong their life, organic products also benefit from the use of Timestrips®.

For manufacturing companies, Timestrip provides added value and encourages repeat purchases, as well as enhancing brand positioning with the registered Timestrip label.  Several major manufacturers and packaging specialists are currently working with Timestrip to integrate labels into products or packaging, among them Febreze, Hamilton Beach, Nestle and Whirlpool.  Most recently, Timestrip entered into an important new partnership with CCL Label, a global leader in the manufacture of high-quality premium packaging and labeling solutions for the consumer products and healthcare industries.

More information about Timestrip can be found on the company’s web site www.timestrip.com  where U.S. consumers will find a link to make direct purchase of label packages set to a variety of time and temperature ranges.