Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics (South Africa) & Timestrip Plus

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics offer a broad portfolio of diagnostic solutions that provide effective ways to assist in the diagnosis, monitoring and management of disease.

Many of the reagents manufactured by Siemens are shipped to customers in the cold chain in order to keep the product between 2-8c at all times.

Siemens approached Timestrip to trial the Timestrip Plus TP078 indicator and the initial results were so encouraging that they quickly moved to full adoption- sending one Timestrip Plus, mounted on a custom instruction card, in every delivery box that is shipped in the cold chain.

Petra Houart, Operations Manager at Siemens Healthcare in Johannesburg: “We utilize the Timestrip Plus indicator to ensure that our goods arrive at the end-user in good condition and that the cold chain has not been broken for any significant time period. When we get calls from customers letting us know that the Timestrip has been activated, we replace the reagents immediately. The benefit is, that this is a service only Siemens gives to their customers in South Africa and that we are sure our products are arriving without having been exposed to high temperatures, which may compromise results in certain circumstances .”

Since adopting Timestrip Plus, Siemens has received positive feedback from its customers who have been impressed by the proactive approach taken, to ensure that the cold chain and therefore the performance of the reagents, is maintained at its optimum level.