Timestrip Plus™

How long did a temperature breach last?
It’s great to have a product that tells you if a temperature breach has occurred, but sometimes you need more information – like how long did the breach last? For some products, this is the vital detail and Timestrip Plus™ provides it. Timestrip Plus™ will tell you how long a product has been exposed to higher temperatures and is the first truly cost-effective indicator to do so.

Timestrip Plus™ tells you that one or more temperature excursions has occurred, but also indicates the cumulative amount of time during which the product exceeded its recommended temperature. By recording this additional data, Timestrip Plus™ gives you the whole picture and provides all the information you need to decide on appropriate action.

Activation feature – can be shipped and stored under any temperature conditions, saving money and hassle
Highly Accurate
Indicator window confirms activation, to let you know the product is ‘on’
Unique serial code printed on each indicator for traceability
Long shelf life
Unambiguous color progression to show length of temperature breach
Product can be delivered by the piece or in rolls
Customized product & carrying cards available to distinguish your company or your customer
Water Resistant
Modern Look & Feel
Environmentally friendly

Accurate for chilled or frozen
Timestrip Plus™ is accurate, cost-effective and easy to use and can be directly applied to products and/or packaging. Timestrip Plus™ indicators are available for a variety of temperature thresholds: 5°C, 12°C, 18°C and 23°C for chilled products; and 0°C and -14°C for frozen products

Timestrip Plus 058
for Frozen Food
-14°C / 7°FTP058
24 Hours run-out window
Timestrip Plus 077
for Frozen Food
0°C / 32°F
12 Hours run-out window
Timestrip Plus 076
for Refrigerated Food, HAACP
5°C / 40°F
8 Hours run-out window
Timestrip Plus 065
for Fridge, Pharma Shipments
8°C / 46°F
8 Hour run-out window
Timestrip Plus 153
for Fridge, Pharma Ward Use
10°C / 50°F
12 Hour run-out window
Timestrip Plus 138
for Controlled Ambient- Low
20 °C / 68°F
24 Hour run-out window
Timestrip Plus 137
for Controlled Room Temperature
24°C / 75°F
12 Hour run-out window
Timestrip Plus 136
for Extreme Room Temperature
30°C / 86°F
12 Hour run-out window