New Timestrip Minus temperature indicator set to revolutionize cold chain management systems

New Timestrip Minus temperature indicator set to revolutionize cold chain management systems

Timestrip Minus Descending Temperature Indictor with Field ActivationTimestrip has unveiled Timestrip Minus™, a revolutionary new product for the
cold chain market, which monitors descending temperature breaches to show when
consignments have been exposed to damaging temperatures.

Timestrip Minus™ is the first field-activated descending temperature indicator that can be shipped at ambient temperature. They do not need to be kept in a heated environment prior to activation.

By removing the need for special shipment packaging, Timestrip Minus™  temperature indicators can reduce the cost of cold chain temperature monitoring.

Timestrip Minus™ has an activation button which, once pressed, vigilantly monitors
temperature breaches. If the consignment has been exposed to freezing temperatures the white circle will have irreversibly changed to a red circle.

This clear visual prompt will alert cold chain managers that product safety has been
compromised and with individual serial numbers printed on each Timestrip, managers
can implement track and trace procedures to identify products affected across the whole consignment on a case-by-case basis.

What’s more, the tamper-proof construction of each Timestrip adds integrity to the process and removes any element of doubt that a temperature breach has occurred.

With no moving parts and no power requirement they are rapidly becoming established as the most cost-effective solution available in cold chain temperature management.

Timestrip Minus™ indicators are used primarily for secondary shipping packaging (case, box) to help monitor temperature-sensitive shipments including food, vaccines, drugs, blood products, implants, diagnostic substances, ophthalmic solutions, intraocular lenses and chemicals.